Medicine for Minds & Hearts: A MycoAnthology of Poems Inspired by a Love of Mushrooms (The FUNGI Press 2023), the poem "Stasis" from the manuscript is(ness) published.

Colorado Authors League 2023 poetry book finalist for Ghostword, July 30, 2023.

Action Spectacle Summer 2023 Edition Part I, a poem from my newest manuscript, is(ness), “Random Thought Patterns / Anatomy of a Lipid Cell”,  July 10, 2023

Pop Culture Classroom: Colorful History # 79 – “A Two-Spirit (Indigenous Queer) Perspective, comic series w/ artist Moe Butterfly and “New History Comic Highlights Indigenous Queer Perspective and Celebrates Pride” article release, July 7, 2023.

Reckon News Article on advocacy with a small project called Country Queers, June 30, 2023.

Conversation with George Cramer author of "New Liberty" (Russian Hill Press), about writing Ghostword, April 27, 2023.

Colorado Poetry Center (CPC): Interview w/ Kathryn Winograd author of “Flying Beneath The Dog Star:” (Fishing Line Press) about Ghostword, “Solving for X: Seeking the Sacredness of Belonging”, April 13, 20232.

The Phantom Script-Episode 4 (podcast): Interview w/ Vincent Hostack, on Ghostword, April 12, 2023.

Poet to Poet: Interview w/ Radha Marcum, author of “Bloodline” (3: A Taos Press). “In Dialog with Ghosts”, April 8, 2023.

2023 Publishing Triangle Awards: “Ghostword” winner, Betty Berzon Emerging Writers Award, New York, NY, April 27, 2023.

The Bloomsbury Handbook of Contemporary American Poetry, (2023), Interview about first GENESIS writing process, February 22, 2023.


Poetry Snaps! (KNAU): Interview w/ Steven Law on my book Ghostword,  December 30, 2022.

Under A Warm Green Linden-Green Linden Press, curated by Beatrice Szymkowiak, Issue #14: two poems “Elements” and “Long Distance Traveling”, from my third manuscript isness. December 2022.

South Broadway Ghost Society-LGBTQIA2S+ Voices in response to Club Q: a collective statement. December 2022. 

Academy of American Poets-Poem of the Day, curated by Jake Skeets: "Gahé Dzíł / Mountain Spirits" from my third manuscript isness. November 21, 2022.

South Broadway Ghost Society (online - reprint): "Moonlit Slabs of Light On A Hernandez Church Floor", from my third manuscript isness. November 2022.

Pushcart Prize Nomination by Gnashing Teeth Publishing, one poem from Ghostword, "12. Carrizo" (Gnashing Teeth Publishing, 2022). November 2022.

Digging Through the Fat Anthology- 2022 Poetry Series, submission from Ghostword (Gnashing Teeth Publishing), “10. Teachers. 

POETRY Magazine, poem publication, “Kúghą/Home”,  from Ghostword (Gnashing Teeth Publishing) curated by Ester Belin on “Monuments”.

Thin Air Magazine poetry from my manuscript isness: “Calm” and “Creating Golden Heliotropes In His Hands”.

EARTH SONG Anthology (T.S. Poetry Press), one poem reprinted from Ghostword (Gnashing Teeth Publication), "12. Carrizo".

DWELL Anthology, (South Broadway Press-print), one poem from my third manuscript isness, "Moon Lits Slabs Of Light On A Hernandez Church Floor", June 2022. 

Poetry Magazine, Poem of the day, from GENESIS (Lost Alphabet), “37 Common Characteristi(x)s of a Displaced Indian with a Learning Disability”.

POETRY Foundation, two poems reprinted from GENESIS (lost Alphabet), "37 Common Characteristi(x)s of a Displaced Indian with a Learning Disability", and "Speak in the Age of Season".

Shout Out Colorado Magazine, Interview on “Success: How My Writing Has Become Successful”. June 14, 2022. 

The BIG SMOKE interview, "An Interview with Crisosto Apache: “How I Walk Around in This Country Is Very Complex” by Jason Arment, May 27, 2022. 

Cuentos Poetry Project-Interview with Bobby LeFebre Colorado Poet Laureate and Rocky Mountain PBS, air April 25, 2022.

AWP 2022, Philadelphia, PA, Panels: The Glittering World of Apache Poetics, Orature, and Art., and The Offing: Editing & Community Building — Editors on building community through editorial work. March 2022.

Infectious Hope-Anthology (IFWG Publishing), RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia poem (reissue) from my manuscript isness (working), “A Prayer for Us—Ik ł‘dá beedaajindánde”. Print.

Away to Santa Fe: A Collection of Santa Fe Trail Poems Anthology, (New Mexico State Library-print), January 2022; Reprint poem from GENESIS (Lost Alphabet) “Apache Treaty” pg. 54.

McGraw Hill Textbook: Read, Reason, Write, edited by Dorothy Seyler, a poem from the forthcoming book Ghostword, “12. Carrizo”


George Cramer Interview: The Writing Process, January 28, 2021.

NBC News-NBC Out, “12 queer and trans poets to read for National Poetry Month”, Lakshmi Gandhi, April 30, 2021. 

Twenty Bellow: Online Literary Site Two poems from the third manuscript isness, May 2021 “Momentary”, “Born for Thorax”, and “Orchid Moon”.

Voyage Denver: Interview Highlights as a Writer & Instructor. October 1, 2021.

Channel 7 News: Native American tribes celebrate LGBTQ individuals as 'Two Spirits', (sister stations nationwide) Local Interview by Alexa Laicko, November 1, 2021.

2019, To Be Added



"Still Coming Home-Anthology": “The Stars Looked Upon Us”, & “Headlights”, (short stories).

POETRY Magazine: “12. Carrizo”, “42. Laughter,” & “44. Death”, from Ghostword, forthcoming from Gnashing Teeth Publishing 2022 (mid-year).

TRANSMOTION: the University of Kent, volume 3, number 2, (2017), UK, excerpt from Swift Cinder: Swift Cinder.


All The Sins (2017), “13. Conquered”, from Ghostword, forthcoming from Gnashing Teeth Publishing 2022 (mid-year).

The Wild Word Anthology (2017), “Star Gazer”, “My Religion”, two poems from my manuscript, Blood Let Blood.

Tending The Fire, By Christopher Felver (UNM Press, 2017), Forward by, Simon J. Ortiz, a handwritten poem from GENESIS (Lost Alphabet, 2018): “ix: nineteen seventy-one”.


Hawaii Review: muliwai (Water), Volume 81,  Fall 2015, Anjoli Roy, Editor, “Quadrants”, from GENESIS (Lost Alphabet, 2018).

IAIA Anthology: Voice the Spiriture, Fall 2015 - Editors voted the best poem, “Orchid Moon”, from my manuscript isness.

Yellow Medicine Review, (2015) – Joan Naviyuk Kane, Editor, “Ndé’isdzán (two of me)”, from GENESIS (Lost Alphabet, 2018).

Cream City Review: Genre Queer, Volume 39, No. 1, Spring 2015 – Ching-In Chen, Editor, “(x) Chromosomal”, from GENESIS (Lost Alphabet, 2018).

Common Place: the Journal of Early American Life, Billy Stratton, Contributing Editor on 151st Anniversary Commemoration of the Sand Creek Massacre, “Of Thunderous Blood Storm” from GENESIS (Lost Alphabet, 2018).

Plume Poetry (2015): Allison Adelle Hedge Coke, Contributing Editor, “Synapse”, from GENESIS (Lost Alphabet, 2018).


Denver Quarterly: Special Edition Feature: 150th Anniversary of the Sand Creek Massacre, Fall 2014, Volume 49, No. 1, Laird Hunt, Editor, “K’us tádini tsąąbí (+2)”, (nominated for Pushcart Prize), from GENESIS (Lost Alphabet, 2018).

Tribal College Journal, Volume 26, No. 1, 2014 – Bradley Shreve, Editor, “X” (voted the best poem), from GENESIS (Lost Alphabet, 2018).


Black Renaissance Noiré, Volume 13, Issue 2/3, (Fall 2013), Quincy Troupe, Editor, “Fold” (early versions), “Whitetail” (early versions), “Unwritten Letter” (early versions). “Unfolding” (early versions), from Ghostword, forthcoming from Gnashing Teeth Publishing 2022 (mid-year). The following, ”Long Distant Travel”, “A Prayer for Us”, and “Remnants”, are from my manuscript isness.

Future Earth Magazine: DJ Yourself, Volume 5, Summer 2012, Travis Hedge Coke, Editor,  “Long Distant Travel”, “San Francisco California 1962”, from my manuscript, isness.

Qualia Gay Folklife (2011), [Website is no longer active, only the Facebook page; both articles (Lozen & Dahteste & Two-Spirit) are reprinted on my website].

Lozen & Dahteste: A historical summary on the two Chiricahua Apache women largely responsible for the success of Geronimo’s evasion from the U.S. Army.

Two-Spirit: A brief overview of the ‘two spirit’ movement, identity, and the organization of the ‘two spirit’ international gatherings held in the U.S and Canada.


MSUD Metro Sphere: Metro State University of Denver Literary Magazine

Volume 30, COLLECTIONS (2012), voted best poetry “Ha’úú’a (Sunrise)”, “Tonight”, “Bruise”, from my manuscript isness.

Volume 28 (2010), “Scarce Seeds”, from my manuscript, isness.

Volume 27 (2009), “Open Road (early version)” from my manuscript isness.


Poetry Project Newsletter (1999): Issue 175 – Brenda Coultas & Ekeni Sikelianos, Editors, Book Review: “Visit Teepee Town” (Coffee House Press, 1999), ed. Dian Glancy & Mark Nowak.

Basura Magazine - Bob Bellarue, Editor, poem, “Cup”.

Psalm 151 Chapbook Anthology- Laird Hunt, Editor, “Whitetail (different poem from the one in Ghostword)” & “Sirens”.

IAIA Anthologies (1990-1991)

The following anthologies are published by the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They are among some of the projects where Crisosto’s work was first published, along with some notable contemporary writers such as James Thomas Stevens, Allison Adelle Hedge Coke, and Irvin Morris. A couple of these anthologies were also where he sat as one of the editors.

IAIA: Desire & Time (1990).

IAIA: Voices of Thunder (1990)

IAIA: Masked Spirits (1991)

My 1st publication (age 12, 1984).