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Crisosto Apache is a Mescalero / Chiricahua Apache and Diné Navajo from New Mexico. He is an alumnus from IAIA (AFA 1992 / MFA 2015) and Metropolitan State University of Denver (BA, 2013) for English and Creative Writing. He currently lives Lakewood, Colorado. His work also includes Native LGBTQI / ‘two spirit’ advocacy & public awareness.

Some of Crisosto’s work is published in Black Renaissance Noiré, Yellow Medicine Review (2013/2015), Denver Quarterly (Pushcart Prize Nominee 2014), Toe Good Poetry, Hawaii Review, Cream City Review Plume Anthology, Common Place, and American Indian Culture & Research Journal (ACRJ). Crisosto also appeared on MTV’s Free Your Mind (1993) ad campaign for poetry.

Crisosto has book reviews for the Native American Anthology Visit Tee-Pee Town (Coffee House Press 1999), published in the Poetry Project publication, Issue 175, June 1999.

He continues to advocate for Native American LGBTQI / ‘two spirit’ identity.

He is still active in the non-profit community and sits on the board of Cafe Cultura in Denver. For more information Click on the link:


His dedication to poetry remains a passion. He is a current poetry reader for the Offing Magazine. For more information follow the link:


My Projects

Crisosto has developed relationships with many academic institution and agencies across the United States. He has maintained relationships with writers, artists, instructors, community members and public officials throughout his career. He has collaborated with many of his associates on valuable projects to improve social awareness in many communities.




Writing is a memorial expression that holds responsibility for continual memory. Every word uttered builds itself inside every living being becoming part of the universe. Writing continue the story, the linage, the history, the language, and the culture of identity. Crisosto’s writing is influenced by many artists, authors, and poets. He categorizes his work as a memorialist kind of Postmodern-Avant guard.



Much like his writing, Crisosto is influenced by movements which impact his identity as a Mescalero Apache Native American. There are many motivational facets towards his advocacy regarding various social and environmental injustice. His focus in advocacy began with the Native American LGBTQI (‘two spirit’) community in Denver Colorado. There, he sat as one of the Directors for the, then, Two Spirit Society of Denver, where he, and its members, advocated the local community on Native American LGBTQI issues. Later, he would develop a national nonprofit focus to form the Two Spirit National Cultural Exchange, Inc. The Exchange was able to travel nationally to colleges, and universities to lecturing on a broaden awareness for Native American LGBTQI issues. The Exchange also participated in a national social media campaign focusing on the visibility of Native American gender expression and sexuality.

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